What I am commanding you to do?

I see them pretty often.

I had the chance to buy that, but I decided not to.

What are you going to do in Boston?


He thinks it impossible for me to climb the mountain alone.

No one thinks that you're stupid.

Do like I tell you.

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Tommy said he was aching all over.

I didn't realize my wallet was missing until I got home.

You can't look at that.

Where is everybody?

That isn't the same thing.

They need answers.

My daughter went to Britain three years ago.

Send the kids to bed.

If you want us to help, just ask.

I think she would be happy to receive a new computer.

The head is the seat of all the senses.

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Broad safety measures were put into effect.

After the storm, the road was blocked with fallen trees.

We own a few hundred acres between the three of us.


I'm just living from day to day.


Gerard will fight.


The pastor of the local Lutheran Church is considered a pillar of the community.

We think you should come in.

What are you talking about?


I don't understand what the problem is.

Oskar kept a list of all the food he'd eaten that week.

Their proposal is out of the question.

"Don't tell me: you lost the keys again." "I did not!" "So where are they?" "Um... I'll get back to you on that."

How can you be sure it'll work?

Mwa didn't know what I was trying to do.

It is getting colder day by day.

I wish I were a good singer.

I know you'll get the job.

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I saw you staring at them.


She began to cry at the sight of his face.

Taking moderate exercise is good for the health.

That's classified.

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Xiaoming has really poor self-control.

It's so cold that we can skate.

She cooked the dinner herself.


Roland actually seems happy.

Knapper must be very happy.

They blamed the failure on George.

I know you didn't hurt him.

They heard it on the radio.


I don't like Maria in there.

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Mercuric nitrate is an ionic compound.

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How did you find out where I live?

How did we not see it?

Roland is a pretty good basketball player.


I am your slave.

I need to check on the cake.

This problem doesn't interest me.

Can anything else be done?

Art put his hand over Kristian's mouth.

Jean-Pierre could be Brooke's replacement.

I have the same symptoms as you do.

What do you think of these shoes?

Power carries responsibility with it.

In the countryside, everybody used to breed chicken and rabbits.

The beautiful girl has a shamrock.

I'm happy to be back.

I could kick myself for not bringing a map.

I'll decide what to do.

You should really lay off that. It'll ruin your health.

The woman is a nurse.

It must've been Juha.

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I think the only problem I have now is being shut in at home.


What's your favorite way to get around?

They usually use an anchor to hold a yacht in place.

They contributed money to the Red Cross.


I couldn't put up with her arrogant behavior.


Any watch will do as long as it is cheap.

I've done bad things that I should be punished for.

Francisco has recently returned from Australia.


We became very good friends.

We're still in the dark as to the identity of the killer.

We haven't yet decided what to do.

I have to let you go.

She isn't as good as she thinks.

Are you still working for them?

We still have a few decisions to make.


Can you blame them?

Emma has never eaten caviar.

Will the madness ever end?

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I saw Stephe and Doug making out in the movie theater last night.

I'm very sad to hear that.

The Tudor Dynasty fell in the year 1603.

There is no need to worry about funds.

Was there something wrong with the car?


The tree isn't ready yet.

The pencil which writes well is mine.

Language is just a map of human thoughts, feelings and memories. And like all maps, language is a hundred thousand times the thumbnail image of what it is trying to convey.

He passed the test in the face of poverty.

Pria knows all that.


I still like Sandeep.

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I didn't wake up yesterday


He cannot be older than I.

I was fully alive to the danger.

I don't want to cry.


Turn at that corner there.

Water is indispensable to us.

About how much will it cost?

I'm the gardener.

Kitty is neutral.

The killer could have been stopped.

A side effect of the eye surgery is dry eyes.

Phileas Fogg had won his wager. He had made his journey around the world in eighty days!

I thought you would understand.

I gave them all my money.

Let's give it a rest.

That dispute has been settled once and for all.

They rise their wooden pints and they yoik and sing. And they fight and dance 'till the morning.

My husband was killed.

They aim to stir unease in societies.

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It's too far to walk to the station, so let's take a bus.

The bus had left by the time my wife finished dressing.

Did you see the way Laura was looking at you?


The party gained ground rapidly.

When will your homework be finished?

It's your turn.

He says his son can count up to 100 now.

Have you been watching?

The ship is at sea.

The city is hosting the fair.

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This time, you won't avoid your punishment.

Markku has helped me in many ways.

It's just a matter of time.

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They could afford to eat in the restaurant.

So, Franklin, what can I do for you today?

The plasmid and the nucleoid are bacterial components that contain DNA.


It's not that big of a deal if Cathryn doesn't like me all that much.

I was delayed by a traffic jam.

"Might you happen to be Mr. Ogawa?" "Well, yes ... can I help you?"


Regrettably, we have not received your reply.

Where do you want to go during the summer vacation?

I am very much attached to this old straw hat.


Where's that smell coming from?


Are there any solutions?

I never wash the dishes unless I'm told to.

We were eighteen at that time.

A dog bit his leg.

As it happens, I have no money with me now.

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I'd be forever grateful if you could help me fix this thing.


This isn't the way to do it.

My brother has to take an examination.

Hirofumi felt that it would be a waste of time to translate the letter for Radek.

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The garden was larger than I had expected.


I'm not as fat as I used to be.


Russia will be the host of the World Cup in 2018.


Change is possible.

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This is not my cup of tea.

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I received my birthday present.

In 1981, the United States launched the Space Shuttle Columbia, the first reusable manned spacecraft. It was piloted by Robert Crippen and commanded by John Young.

Father and I go fishing once in a while.